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In today’s busy world, it’s difficult to escape the trap of reacting to our environment as opposed to creating it. Taking the time to teach our children ahead of time will reduce our need to correct them. (The Arbinger Company, 1998)
Be proactive with your children and try to see potential problems before they happen. Rather than expecting that they know and understand how to act in every situation, see them for who they really are…a child that is learning.
Rather than asking, “How can we stop our kids from fighting?” ask “How can we teach our children love for each other?”
Instead of asking “How do I get my child to do their homework?” ask “What can I teach my child about hard work?”
Spend time building your relationship with your kids. The stronger your relationship is with your child/teen the more likely they are to listen to you. (The Arbinger Company, 1998)
Above all make sure that the example you set for your child reflects your own personal expectations for them. If you want them to be kind to each other, embody kindness yourself. (The Arbinger Company, 1998)
Let me help you navigate these relationships
The Arbinder Company (1998). The Parenting Pyramid.