Parenting and relationship support

SaraBeth – Family Life coach

As a mother of 5 unique and challenging kids, I wanted to share my journey in learning with others around me that may be struggling with the same things. Within my family, we’ve supported various emotional struggles.  Having a family as large as mine can be a challenge enough, but when you add all of these other dynamics into play it can be a real circus.  I used to give a speech to my children when I took them anywhere entitled, “We are not a traveling circus.”  Believe it or not, that speech helped immensely with their behavior.   Through my desire to learn more and help my children, I have consulted doctors, therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and more.  When I didn’t feel like that was enough, I went back to school to figure out how to help them myself.  I am now a trained Life Coach, I have my Associate of Marriage and Family Studies, I am trained in Family Systems Theory, and am certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s degree.  I’ve gained so many insights and tools to help my family with their struggles.  These breakthroughs apply not only to my family but to every family.  I would love to share my journey of learning with you!

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